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A.  Messiah in the Feasts & Celebrations of Israel
B.  Messiah in the Tabernacle
C.  Jewish Missions & Evangelism Topics
D.  Messianic Worship & the Local Church
E.  Conference Themes & Prophecy Topics
F.  Other Conference & Message Topics

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Hananeel Ministries Message Series

 A.  Messiah in the Feasts & Celebrations of Israel

Any of the following messages can be done on an individual basis or corporately as part of the Conference entitled: "Messiah in the Feasts of Israel"

Instructions on how to prepare for all the festivals will be sent once the message choices have been confirmed. You might choose, for example, to do a full Messianic Seder dinner, to deepen understanding of Passover, or erect a Sukkah, for the Feast of Tabernacles.

1. Messiah in the Feast of Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread

The Biblical ordinances of the these two Jewish festivals are combined in this message to show how they depict the sacrifice of Messiah and how their customs unfold a deeper significance for the ordinance of communion.

You have the choice of experiencing this presentation in one of two ways:

a. A one hour visual demonstration of Messiah in the Passover.

b. As part of an entire Passover Seder Dinner

(Complete instructions will be sent after the choice of program is made)

2. Messiah in the Feast of First Fruits and the Feast of Weeks

These two feasts are explained according to their Biblical ordinances and then the speaker will show how these two festivals form an analogy to Messiah in His Resurrection and the descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.

3. Messiah in the Feast of Trumpets

With the help of the use of a "shofar" (ram's horn) the speaker will reenact the various sounds made in synagogue during this feast and then show how the feast points to the rapture of the church at the last trump.

4. Messiah in the Day of Atonement

The feast known as "Yom Kippur" forecasts a time of Israel's deliverance from all their sins at the second coming. Rev Huckel will bring a portion of a replica the High Priest's robe and overhead transparencies of the tabernacle to help illustrate this meaningful presentation.

5. Messiah in the Feast of Tabernacles

Also known as the feast of "The In-Gathering" the feast of "Tabernacles" forecasts the ingathering of the elect from the uttermost parts of heaven to the uttermost parts of the earth (Mark 13:27) at the 2nd coming of Messiah.

6. Messiah in the Feast of Hanukkah

Jesus went up to Jerusalem during this celebration called the "Feast of Lights." Jesus illustrated how He was the "light" of the world at this festival. Rev. Huckel will bring a Menorah (lampstand) & demonstrate how it depicts the works of the Son of God.

7. Purim: "The Story of Esther"

The significance of the Jewish celebration of "Purim." A "Purim Party" is a great teaching tool, a lot of fun, and an excellent outreach activity.


 B.  Messiah in the Tabernacle

The Tabernacle pattern of God's temporary dwelling place in the wilderness "unveils" God's permanent dwelling place among his people: God in the tabernacle of Messiah's body and Messiah tabernacling in His saints.

1. Messiah's Work According To The Pattern

The speaker will bring a scale model of the tabernacle and discuss the pattern of the tabernacle's layout and furniture are presented in the fashion in which they show how they are a design of the things made in the heavens.

2. Messiah's Priesthood Made According To The Pattern

The Levitical Priesthood & the Aaronic Family's High Priests are contrasted with the Priesthood of the believer and the Melchizedechian Design of a King/High Priest of the Most High God.

3. Messiah's Gifts & Offerings for Sin

The law's never-ending offerings to temporarily cover sins are compared with the once-forever offering of Messiah's body to permanently take away sin.


 C.  Jewish Missions & Evangelism Topics

1. Jewish Evangelism Topics or Seminar

a. The Importance of Jewish Evangelism

b. Israel's Unbelief and Spirit of Blindness

c. The Adversary and Jewish Evangelism

d. The Gentile Believers and Jewish Evangelism

e. The Gospel in the Old Testament

f. Handling Jewish Objections to the Gospel

g. "Faith to Faith" - The righteousness of God revealed from the Jew to the Gentile and from the Gentiles to the Jews.

2. That Prophet Like Unto Moses

A startling look at how Jesus indeed fulfills the typology of being a prophet like Moses in His role as a prophet to Israel.

3. "Messiah BEN Joseph"

The message of the life of Joseph as a portrait of Israel's relationship with their Messiah.

4. To the Jews, I become a Jew

The importance of the contextualization of the gospel to the Jewish people

5. The Ministry of Hananeel

An update on the current ministries of Hananeel House


 D.  Messianic Worship and the Local Church

1. The Jewish Roots of Christianity

2. Messianic Music
An entire Messianic Music Program can be provided by Sharon Huckel, recording artist of the recordings: "For Zion's Sake!", "Tabernacle", and "Courts of Praise".


 E.  Conference Themes & Prophecy Topics

1. Current Affairs and Ancient Prophecy- Five messages

2. Israel, My Firstborn- One Week "Israel in Prophecy" Conference

3. Israel's Covenants: The Key to a Full Understanding of the 2nd Coming of Messiah- Four Messages

4. Modern Israel in Prophecy?

5. Israel's Past, Present and Future (Romans 9-10-11)

6. The Great White Throne


 F.  Other Conference and Message Topics

1. The Names of God & the Altars of Witness

How the various names of God are actually testimonies of His different attributes, characteristics and abilities commemorated upon the altars built as monuments to them by the patriarchs.

2. One New Man (Ephesians 2)

The unity and distinction of the Jew & Gentile in the Church.


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