Fall Feasts

Rosh Hashana ChallahRosh Hashana marks the Jewish New Year and the start of what is often called the "High Holy Days," or "Days of Awe." Ten days after Rosh Hashana falls the Day of Atonement - Yom Kippur.

Rosh Hashana, also called the "Feast of Trumpets," is held in Jewish tradition as the day of creation, and marks a time of rebirth, and call to repentance, and divine judgment. The ram's horn, or shofar, has a prominent role in this feast.

Rosh Hashana in Hebrew literally means the "head (rosh) of the year (hashana)." A special round challah is baked for Rosh Hashana and is said to resemble a crown. Apples and honey are also enjoyed along with other sweets.

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