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Passover Outreach

After a two year hiatus, due to Covid restrictions, praise God we will be once again holding our annual Passover Outreach Seder at the Buck Hotel in Feasterville, Tuesday, April 19th. 

Passover Couple

When we begain planning for this Passover event we never expected the dramatic events that would take place in the world in the days since. Passover is a feast of the Lord with central themes of "freedom" - of Israel's freedom from slavery in Egypt and freedom from the bondage of sin represented by the Passover lamb.

This year, those themes will be even more on the mind's of many of our attendees who came to America to find religious and personal freedom from the oppression of communist Russia. 

Many of our regular attendees, as well as the general Russian speaking Jewish community of Northeast Philadelphia, were former residents of Ukraine. When these Jewish "Refuseniks" were finally granted asylum in America they found themselves in a strange position.

Many have said, "In Russia (Ukraine) we were always reminded that we were JEWISH, but when we came to America eveyone thinks we are RUSSIAN."

In the Soviet Union Jewish people were routinely discriminated against, and suffered great persecution. Now these dear Jewish souls are traumatized once again as they see their Ukrainian homeland attacked and laid waste by Putin's war that has shocked the world and brought terrifying reminders of the holocaust. 

Please pray for our Jewish friends, as many have family and friends in Ukraine caught up in this terrible war. Pray that eyes would be opened to receive the gift of freedom from sin that only the Lamb of God can provide. 

Passover 2022: April 15 - 23

This year our Passover Outreach will be held on Tuesday, April 19.

For over twenty years we have held a Passover outreach dinner to the Russian speaking Jewish community. God has mightily blessed this outreach over the years, with many Jewish souls coming to Messiah. We hold this dinner at a very nice local event facility, the Buck Hotel, in Feasterville. We celebrate "Pesach" with a wonderful meal, with all of the traditional elments, including matzah, the seder plate, and the four cups. Our director, Tom Huckel, explains the Passover in its Messianic context and shares the Good News of Jesus the Messiah. 

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If you would like to help underwrite the costs for this very special outreach you can send donations to P.O. Box 11527 Philadelphia, PA, 19116 or you can make your donation online here

Please keep these outreach events in your prayers. Every year we sense not only great opposition during these ministry events, but more importantly, we also deeply feel the effective prayers of our friends and supporters and the presence of the Holy Spirit. 

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