Due to COVID-19 our Passover banquet scheduled for April 14th has been postponed indefinitely. In Pennsylvania, by order of the Governor, all gatherings of ten or more have been banned, travel has been restricted, and the venue where we hold our banquet is closed.

Those who have contributed gifts towards the event should know the funds will be kept in escrow until we are able to share "Messiah in the Passover" at an appropriate time.

In addition, due to the various restrictions and government edicts, our ministry has been unable to hold our Friday night outreach services and ESL Classes. A significant portion of our attendees are in the high risk category for Covid-19, but so far we are not aware of any of them contracting Covid-19.

Our missionaries are in contact with our regulars, and we will continue to check up on them. We are attempting to acquire Passover meals for shut-ins and will know later this week whether we will be able to do that or not. The diner we purchase from is extremely short-staffed due to the virus, so they may not be able to fulfill our orders.

We are also prayerfully considering other means of providing a safety net for those who are unable to get the food items they need. Many have children who look after them, but some do not. Please pray that God will open doors of ministry even in this difficult time of "social distancing" which is the exact opposite of our normal ministry and outreach methods.

Our ministry appreciates the prayers and support of God's people. We are all in this together, and we know that God reigns through all of this.

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