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Purim and Passover Outreach

Please join with us in prayer for a bountiful spring harvest

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With the passing of Hanukkah, and a the start of a new year, we hunker down for winter with an eye already fixed on the spring feasts of the Hebraic calendar.

The feast of Purim is celebrated before Passover and is a feast that was added after the giving of the Law. But Purim is signficant in one very interesting aspect -- the book of Esther is completely dedicated to the events surrounding it. No other feast has such bragging rights. 

The holiday of Purim falls on the Hebrew calendar date of Adar 14. This year that will be observed Tuesday, March 10.

Interestingly, In 2021 Purim will fall especially "early" in the Gregorian calendar, on February 25, 2021.

Purim 2020 - March 10

Our ministry will hold a Purim Observance on Friday, March 6th. Please keep this night in prayer.

Purim has been an unorthodox celebration for the Jewish people. With the turning of the tables story of Esther's Uncle Mordechai being rewarded by the King, and the evil plot of Haman ruined by Esther's bravery, this is a feast with a celebratory tone. And no Purim celebration is complete without the delicious triangular pastry called "Hamantashen" (Haman's hats).

Rabbi's approach this holiday with an exuberant gusto. Besides the traditional reading of "the whole meggilah" at Purim (the book of Esther) there is dancing, acrobatics, skits with a humorous edge, and other acts that are not a part of other holiday celebrations. The Grogger is a noise maker toy that the congregants use to drown out the name of evil Haman during the Torah reading.

In Israel, children dress in festive costumes for Purim, with Queen Esther being a very popular choice for the girls! 

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Passover 2020 - April 8 - 16


Due to COVID-19 our Passover banquet scheduled for April 14th has been postponed indefinitely. Those who have contributed gifts toward the event should know the funds will be kept in escrow until we are able to share "Messiah in the Passover" at an appropriate time. In the meantime: Be confident that our God reigns through all of this.

- Thomas Huckel

After Purim we eagerly anticipate the spring feast of Passover and our largest annual outreach event.

This year our Passover Outreach will be held on Tuesday, April 14.

For over twenty years we have held a Passover outreach dinner to the Russian speaking Jewish community. God has mightily blessed this outreach over the years, with many Jewish souls coming to Messiah. We hold this dinner at a very nice local event facility, the Buck Hotel, in Feasterville. We celebrate "Pesach" with a wonderful meal, with all of the traditional elments, including matzah, the seder plate, and the four cups. Our director, Tom Huckel, explains the Passover in its Messianic context and shares the Good News of Jesus the Messiah. 

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If you would like to help underwrite the costs for this very special outreach you can send donations to P.O. Box 11527 Philadelphia, PA, 19116 or you can make your donation online here

Please keep these outreach events in your prayers. Every year we sense not only great opposition during these ministry events, but more importantly, we also deeply feel the effective prayers of our friends and supporters and the presence of the Holy Spirit. 

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